My HF station:

Elecraft K3, FLEX-5000A and Yaesu FT-1000MP MARK-V
Elecraft KPA500 and Alpha 76A Linear Amplifiers
Nye Viking MB-V-A Tuner
Telepost LP-100A SWR & Power Meter
Telepost LP-PAN Panadapter
CT-599 Iambic Lever Paddle
W5XD Multi-Keyer
Hal Communications DXP38 RTTY modem
QuickSilver QS1R Software Defined Receiver
BHI Instrumentation NEIM 1031 MKII Noise Eliminating In-line Module
DX Engineering NCC-1 Receive Antenna Variable Phasing Controller
Dell laptop


2 el. SteppIR Yagi for 20/17/15/12/10/6m at 9.5m (32') height.
Ground mounted 1/4 wave vertical for 40/30/20m. Also works on 3rd harmonic on 15/10m.
Inverted-L (1/4 wave) antenna for 80m fed against a buried ground counterpoise.
60m long two wire switchable East-West Beverage for reception on low bands.
From time to time I have a 1/4 wave sloper for transmit on 160m.

2 el. SteppIR with vertical closer to the left